Maximised integration

LASE has a state of the art toolshop at its disposal with the most diverse high tech machines for CNC turning and milling, laser and waterjet cutting, sheet bending and more. Even large parts are being painted in house. That is how LASE maintains a unique position in this market.


Overall approach

Not here, LASE combines all necessary expertise at our location: engineering (CAD design/electrical engineering, programming), production of parts and assembly of parts.

Laser and waterjet cutting, sheet bending and even the painting of large parts takes place in house. To put it briefly: your entire project is in the safe hands at LASE.


Maximum flexibility

Thanks to this integration LASE minimises errors, meets deadlines and guarantees maximum flexibility. If in the final stage of a project you want to integrate some changes, LASE is able to react quickly and integrate your changes. That is the LASE difference!