A solution for every industrial challenge

Would you like to increase your production site’s efficiency? Or would you like to reduce the number of errors made? With LASE, you do not buy a standard product, you receive a tailor-made solution for your need. That is quality in the broadest sense of the word.



LASE aims at integrating the most critical processes into a risk-free production strategy. The designers make sure to create your production systi as user-friendly and fail safe as possible, completely in line with the poka yoke concept, that is the standard for the lean principles in the automotive industry.

Poka is Japanese for ‘unintentional mistake’ and yoke means ‘preventing’. That is how LASE makes your production fool proof. So it deters your staff to make mistakes. Not even on Monday mornings.


Traceability and safety

As an OEM or supplier (Tier I or II), you know how important it is to have complete traceability of your complex production processes. With LASE, you will meet the highest standards regarding product and production traceability.

Moreover, all processes are certified according to the highest quality standards with the British CHAZ and the Belgian VCA certification. In that way, LASE meets the most rigorous international quality/safety requirients.