Exterior Plastics

Constant attention to bumpers and spoilers

Bumpers, spoilers and other plastic automotive exterior parts are of vital importance for the appearance of the vehicle. This appearance is crucial during the life cycle of the vehicle and its facelifts, every two to three years. LASE assists automotive manufacturers to develop and optimise their production processes according to their ever changing needs.

Exterior plastics - bumpers & spoilers
Exterior plastics

Increasing complexity

Nowadays, vehicles contain more plastic and composite material than ever before and due to the rising importance of all sorts of applications, such as rear camera systems and parking sensors, the production processes of the exterior plastics are increasing in its complexity.

Precision work

Example: In order to optimize the supply chain, the necessary holes are punched at the end when the bumpers are already painted. That requires precision tooling and a balanced process as even the smallest scratch on the bumper is a scratch too many. That is why several of the world’s biggest automotive manufacturers count on the expertise of LASE. Not only to reduce the production errors to a minimum, but also to anticipate the requirements of the customer.

Exterior plastics